Squid( Cuttlefish )

English Name: Cuttlefish

Squid is native to the Persian Gulf. Squid lays eggs in winter. Female squid dies a few days after laying eggs. Every year, fishermen in the south catch squid using a fish trap or a fishing cage every year. Squid is one of the most popular seafood in East Asia. These days, excessive fishing and catching squid before they have laid eggs have put squid in danger of extinction.

Catching Squid( Cuttlefish )

  • Method 1: Catching squid with a hook

Squid is very capable of hiding itself. Squid can take on the color of its surroundings. Fishermen must look at the water surface carefully and find them and hit them .

  • Method 2: we can use Chacunda gizzard shad and Indian mackerel as baits for squid. We use the whole fish and tie the tail to a thread because cuttlefish often start eating the heads. After tying the bait to the thread, we then throw it in front of the dock stones and wait until squid catch the bait with its tentacles. Then, we pull it up slowly and catch the squid with a basket trap.
  • Method 3: With a fish trap
  • Method 4: By spinning on a low to medium speed. Special fishing baits made for squid that has a lot of thorns at the end of the bait are suitable to catch cuttlefish.
  • Method 5: Using a female squid the same as the small fish.