Sea Cucumber in the Persian Gulf

  1. General Characteristics

The average length of a sea cucumber is 30 to 40 cm. Sea cucumber weighs between 200 and 300 gr. The average lifespan of sea cucumber is 3 years. A female sea cucumber can hatch up to 60 million eggs during this time. Fresh sea cucumber has 30 to 40 percent protein. People in China and Japan process the sea cucumber by cooking it in water several times and eat it afterward.

  1. Types of the Sea Cucumbers in the Persian Gulf

Sea Cucumber is a marine animal in the Persian Gulf. There have not been many studies about the sea cucumber. Two foreign researchers, reported sea cucumbers in the Persian Gulf for the first time. According to the Danish delegation, 17 species of sea cucumber have been identified in the Persian Gulf so far. Among various species of the sea cucumber, 3 of them are new in zoology. Below are a few species of the sea cucumber in the Persian Gulf:

  1. Sea cucumber of the soft sea beds or Thyone Dura
  2. Holothuria sea cucumber in Bandar Abbas waters.
  3. HalodeimaParva cucumbers reported in the rocky parts of the southern waters.
  4. Protankyra Pseudo Digitata, which is reported in both the waters of Bandar Abbas and the waters of Bushehr. The main habitat of this specie is the Philippines.